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We live in a 4D world where the fourth dimension has modified our concept of space and time
There are no boundaries, different metrics and new rules
Are you prepared to survive?

The key people of Gyala gained extensive competence in the IT Security sector since 2000 when they founded a company aimed to support the European Law Enforcement Agencies in special investigations.

They developed a complete system for internet communication interception and investigation tools in the form of Trojan Horses which were used for seven years in hundreds operations against national and international terrorism, cybercrime, mafia, drug trafficking and other criminal organizations.

In 2007 the company was acquired by one of the biggest Aerospace and Defense Companies of the world and the team became responsible for the corporate Cyber Security worldwide.

In this new context, the capabilities previously acquired during the collaboration with the Law Enforcement Agencies, along with the capability of deep analyzing of digital communications and the capability of develop sophisticate remote investigation tools and therefore the capability to identify and intercept sophisticated malware, allowed them to detect and manage very complex hacking attacks performed against the corporation.

For seven years they defended the corporation from the most complex hacking campaigns including those conducted by foreign governments teams.

In 2015 all those capabilities moved to Interconsulting, where unparalleled new technologies were developed and implemented.

Gyala, born as a spinoff from Interconsulting, has also developed a new world class Security Operation Center operating round-the-clock to protect organizations by identifying potential threats and providing a Computer Security Incident Response Team defining the right strategy to contain and solve any incidents.


Establish a full and deep IT Infrastructure control through a next generation Security Operation Center operating 24 hours per day able to monitor and detect all potential incident and with a high skilled Computer Emergency Response Team  that manages all the incidents;


Make the IT infrastructure Cyber Resilient through the definition of security requirements for all the IT architectures, reengineering the legacy IT infrastructure and Introducing new technologies such as GYALA’s Trustworthy System


Enforce a strong governance, reviewing IT security policies and procedures for users, system administrators and top management, promoting awareness program, educating and informing the staff at all levels.


The Gyala Trustworthy System is an unconventional technology designed to proactively monitor and control IT infrastructures using a mix of Kernel Monitoring, Host-Based Intrusion Detection, System Monitoring, File Sanitization and Host Incident Response Forensics in a simple and powerful solution based on a Client/Server architecture.

It detects and alerts on unauthorized file system modifications, malicious behaviors and attempts to exploit the System or its applications.

It identifies any modification and alteration at system or file level generated by a process and any attempt to hijack, inoculate or kill other processes or applications.

  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and many other systems.

  • Memory drivers/module for all the supported operating systems.

  • AI-powered heuristic monitoring of system processes at Kernel or User Land level.

  • Hook interception at Kernel level with the ability to freeze or deny the execution of suspicious files.

  • Remote Process Explorer on the target system.

  • OS-level and raw file system access.

  • OS-level and raw memory dump of selected processes or entire RAM of a target system.

  • Volatility integration for memory analysis.

  • Remote automatic or manual search and download of artifacts from file system.

  • Secure communication infrastructure designed for Internet deployment.

  • Client automatic update support.

  • Active Response Options to block an attack immediately.



•  Real Time Device Monitoring

•  Incident Identification

•  Incident Classification



•  Incident Response & Containment

•  Incident Recovery


Incident Analysis

•  Tracking & Tracing

•  Forensic Evidence Collection

•  Post Mortem Analysis

•  Malware Analysis


Alerting and Reporting

•  Alerting & Warning

•  Technical Reporting

•  Executive Reporting

•  Incident Notification

Proactive Defense

•  Threat Research

•  Vulnerability Assessment

•  Penetration Test

•  Patch Management

•  Hardening

•  Technology Watch

•  IT Security Assessment

•  IT Security Advisory

•  Security Intelligence

•  Security Awareness

•  Training

•  Simulation

•  Business Impact Analysis

•  Risk Assessment

•  Risk Management

•  Security Audit

•  Business Continuity Management 

Security Management

•  Asset Inventory

•  Policy Management

•  Policy Enforcement

•  Security Device Configuration

•  Security Device Maintenance



•  IT Security Strategy & Plan Definition

•  Information Security Management System Definition and Maintenance

•  Policy Compliance

•  Security Consulting

•  Data Classification

•  IT Risk Analysis & Management

•  IT Compliance Analysis

•  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Definition




Tel. +39 06 41204467

Fax +39 06 41228120

Via Adriano Olivetti n. 24

00131 Rome - Italy


Tel. +971 2 666 00 23

Fax +971 2 666 93 31

Al Etihad Tower, Suite 801, Khalifa Street, PO Box 887, Abu Dhabi - UAE


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